• Teton County Search and Rescue Hangar (map)
  • 300 South Batch Plant Rd.
  • Jackson, WY

Lightning Safety Course with Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey
Wednesday, May 31st
6:00 - 7:30pm
TCSAR Hangar | $5 per person

Register online HERE.

What You’ll Learn:
• How thunderstorms develop
• What to watch for as clouds build
• Early warning signs of thunderstorms
• Vital information on how to avoid, or at least reduce, your changes of being struck by lighting in the backcountry
• Facts and myths about lightning

About Jim Woodmencey
Jim has been forecasting the weather in Jackson Hole and the Tetons for more than 20 years. He is the chief meteorologist at mountainweather.com where you can find his daily weather forecast as well as a variety of other weather maps and information. As a former climbing ranger in Grand Teton National Park and ski guide for High Mountain Heli Skiing, Jim understands how important weather is to the backcountry user.