TCSAR Heli in Action

TCSAR Heli in Action

TCSAR Heli Program

TCSAR volunteers are committed to our community 365-24-7

TCSAR volunteers feel incredibly supported in the valley-and we thank you for your continued generosity. Twice a year we ask you to step forward and commit to our mission. The first time is right now through this campaign. Funding the helicopter is critical to saving lives in the backcountry-it's been proven multiple times this winter.  The second is Old Bills Fun Run in September.  

Your donations are important, and every dollar makes an impact on our team.  From training to equipment to community education, we work to keep you safe from the start of every adventure and to rescue when necessary as efficiently and safely as possible.  

In the 2016-2017 budget year, the TCSAR Foundation committed to raising $50,000 to support the helicopter program for Teton County Search and Rescue Volunteers. With a $15,000 matching donation available, we are asking you to help raise an additional $15,000 to help us meet our goal. To donate, head to

With these funds we are able to do the following:

  • Increase our helicopter contract from 6 to 7 months covering critical spring months in the Tetons. (Year 3 of this program)
  • Create a universal short haul team between Grand Teton National Park and Teton County Search and Rescue to allow for more complete coverage throughout Teton County.
  • Train with other agencies (including JHMR, Togwotee Mountain guides and Grand Targhee) to ensure on ground resources are trained effectively to operate around and near the helicopter during a rescue.  This creates more efficient and safer rescues for patients and rescuers.  
  • Increase the complexity of training to match the challenges of rescues.  For example, in past years we’ve only been able to train in areas that are close to the hangar to save on costs.  With increased fundraising we now can train where rescues actually happen, creating confidence in difficult terrain during stressful rescues.
  • Fully train 12 volunteers (with an additional 5 ground crew members) to be certified short haulers for our most tactically challenging rescues.  

These funds are critical to our team and to our community as demonstrated in multiple rescues this winter.

The TCSAR Foundation is a non-profit that directly supports volunteers through equipment purchases, advanced training opportunities and personal support. The foundation was created in 1993 and was transformed to it's current state in 2010 to help support the creation of the TCSAR Facility located off of Hwy 22 in Jackson, WY. The foundation works with various community groups  on education and outreach opportunities and works with local and state politicians on issues that affect SAR funding, opportunities and advancement.