Listen to the first episode of  The Fine Line  on  Sound Cloud.  

Listen to the first episode of The Fine Line on Sound Cloud. 

Backcountry Zero is launching a new podcast series this month that will share real stories of adventure, risk and rescue in the backcountry of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The podcast series, called The Fine Line, delves into the physical, mental and social dynamics of backcountry adventure and the fine line people are willing to walk between life and death in the quest for adventure.

The series is part of Backcountry Zero’s education and outreach program, which includes a blog, ambassador program, speaker series, field workshops and educational events. 

The Fine Line launched on July 13th with the episode titled “A Single Step”. In this episode ski mountaineer Jessie Stover describes how a single step on Teewinot mountain turns the perfect ski day into a fight for survival. We also hear from Teton County Search and Rescue volunteer and medical advisor Dr. AJ Wheeler and Grand Teton National Park rescue ranger Philip Edmunds who were both involved in the harrowing rescue to save Jessie’s life and leg. 

The Fine Line will be available on Sound Cloud and iTunes (coming soon) with a new episode every month.