Backcountry Zero is honored to have professional snowmobiler Dan Adams join it's team of Backcountry Zero Ambassadors. Owner of Next Level Riding Clinics, Dan is committed to being and agent of positive change for our backcountry community. He has a passion for backcountry adventure and a demonstrated commitment to safety, training and user ethics. 

Dan grew up snowboarding and became a pro in his early 20's. He started snowmobiling to access the backcountry and it became his winter sport of choice once he became as comfortable riding a sled as a snowboard. Dan started snowmobiling in 1996 and 2016 marked his 9th year riding for Polaris Industries and his 8th season at Next Level Riding Clinics. Snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the world travel to NXT LVL to learn from Dan and his crew of instructors. They emphasize not only how much fun you can have on a snowmobile but also the dangers you sometimes face and how to be prepared. Dan’s advice to snowmobilers is to always leave the trailhead prepared and remember this; "Ride safe, ride smart, ride often and ride to ride another day."

Check out a short video with Dan below and visit to learn more about Dan and our other ambassadors. 

Professional snowmobile instructor and Backcountry Zero Ambassador Dan Adams shares his tips for being prepared with the proper knowledge, skills and equipment before heading into the backcountry.

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